Committee Bios 2013-14
Tim Treacy - President and Chairman
Tim Treacy I am from the Curragh of Kildare, Ireland, famous for its horseracing, and Ireland’s oldest Golf Course. I have been supporting Liverpool since the mid 1980’s. I moved to Boston in 2005 and I’ve been going to the Landing ever since.

I’m responsible for promoting LFC Boston, as well as advertising events and the club itself on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. I do a bit of everything else as club chairman too. I also lead an annual charity drive where members of LFC Boston participate in local charity events such as the Aids Walk (2007), Walk for Hunger (2008). So far, LFC Boston has raised over $2000 for local charities. Myself and fellow board member, Niall Fahy, work on the monthly newsletter. I also work with the owners and management of the Landing in promoting the bar as the No. 1 football bar in the Boston area. Finally, I have the not so enviable task of having a deciding vote on the board if we are split evenly on a decision. You can always find me at the far end of the bar (where most of us sit/stand) before and after all matches – except Sundays as I play organ in local church while praying for title #19. YNWA!
Niall Fahy - Pub Liaison / Member-at-large
Niall Fahy Also from Ireland, from Cork, moved over here with my family in 1985, and been coming to the Phoenix Landing for almost ten years – how things have changed. One of the originally founding members of this club, I act as key contact between supporter’s club and our official home-base, the Phoenix Landing, as the pub liaison. I work with Kevin & Joey (owners) and their amazing staff with regards to events at the pub or any activities affiliated between the club and the Phoenix Landing. Also, a member at large, I take on various responsibilities on a case by case basis, helping with whatever I can, whenever I can – from editing our monthly newsletter with Tim, to promoting events at the Phoenix, and I even act as host/moderator during our LFC Trivia Nights - so watch for upcoming dates for the next trivia night.

I’m infamous for walking in just before kick-off and sliding to my spot at the far end of the bar right underneath the telly so come find me there at the half or after the match. YNWA!
Sara Keddy - Secretary
Sara Keddy Boston native who has been a devout LFC fan since 1999. I try to attend as many matches at the Landing as possible to show my support and to have a great time with fellow fans. I am a founding member and the club’s Secretary (and former Treasurer from 2006-12). I’m usually sitting either at the end of the bar by Tim or Niall or at the table right behind them. YNWA!
Ed Mulrenan - Forum Moderator
Ed Mulrenan Originally from CT, I have been supporting Liverpool since 1998. My first trip to the Landing was a few days after moving to Boston, for the Champions League final in 2005 – what can I say, it was a dream start! I am the forum moderator on our website and provide content for the site. Separately, I plan all our supporter’s club trips to other LFC supporter branches in other cities so if you’d like to participate in these weekend getaways, watch for upcoming announcements or email me if interested. Worth sharing, I met/discovered my wife while at the Phoenix – for the complete story, check out this link: Football Love Story. You can find me standing at the far end of the bar, and normally singing one of our many LFC songs at the top of my lungs. YNWA!
Jay Taraskiewicz –Treasurer
Jason Taraskiewicz
A supporter since ’05 and a regular at the Landing since I moved to Boston in ’06, you can usually find me hanging out at the far end of the bar talking to everyone whilst drinking a pint or three. Formerly, the Membership Coordinator, I became the club’s Treasurer in 2012. I also try to help the club out by helping to maintain content for the website. YNWA!
Sarah Deschaine - Member-at-large
Sarah Deschaine New Hampshire native who moved to Boston in 2001. Been an avid Liverpool fan since 2008. I attend most matches at the Phoenix Landing & can be found at the far end of the bar usually wearing a Pepe or Gerrard kit. I am also usually helping out with memberships and enjoy making new LFC fan friends. YNWA!
Ian Gunniss - Member-at-large
Ian Gunniss I've been a Liverpool fan since 1987 when I lived in the UK (not in Liverpool though unfortunately). I'm an Air Force brat who's moved to so many places, but Liverpool FC has always been my constant. I rarely (if ever) miss matches at The Landing, so feel free to stop by. You'll see me starting the line for the 7:45 am matches and I'll always be singing. YNWA!
Michael Weir - Merchandise
Michael WeirBorn and bred in Belfast, Northern Ireland and am a lifelong Liverpool fan. I moved to Boston in late 2003 and have been a regular at the Phoenix Landing since 2010. Quite how i managed to not attend games at the Landing prior to 2010 is a mystery to me and one of life's little regrets. This is THE place to enjoy a game with good friends and knowledgeable football fans. I'll be in attendence at most every weekend game and am always happy to talk to new and existing members about LFC Boston and anything football related in general. YNWA!
Kristine McKenna
Kristine McKennaI have been a Liverpool fan since 2000 when I lived in England and became addicted to the beautiful game (and coincidentally when a young kid from Huyton started getting more playing time). I first came to the Phoenix Landing with my brother for one of our sibling sports trips to Boston to catch the Sox and watch an LFC match in 2006. When I moved to Boston a few years ago, I settled right in- not surprisingly at that far end of the bar where the other folks stand! I love meeting supporters and welcoming them to the LFC Boston family! YNWA!
Ian Lovett
Rob Glover
Miranda McGill - Webmaster
Miranda McGill Born and raised in Merseyside, I've been a Liverpool fan all my life. I moved to Boston in 1999 to get a Master’s at MIT but, much to my mother's consternation, I met and married an American (I walked down the aisle to "You'll Never Walk Alone")... We now have two junior members of LFC Boston who enjoy watching Liverpool games - naturally, they love it when we score :)

I'm the person to harass about the LFC Boston website - my forum alias is "Scousette". Since I’m the mum of a lunatic toddler and preschooler, I don’t get down to the Landing as often as I’d like, but when I am there I enjoy singing various Liverpool anthems as loudly as possible, although I’m not as loud as Ed or Jay... YNWA!
Previous Committee Members
The LFC Boston Committee would like to acknowledge the contributions of former Committee Members who helped to make this Supporter's Club what is is today:
  • Eric L. (Founding Member)
  • Todd O. (Founding Member)
  • Ethan A. (Newsletter Editor)
  • Michael D. (Official Club Liaison to LFC)
  • Beth B. (Membership Coordinator)
  • Ricky M. (Fundraising Coordinator)

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